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About Us
The founder of Parawera, a kiwi, once found himself yearning for the day he would escape the dull life of working in corporate banking. A keep and experienced traveler, the love for adrenalin and his country that led him to a vision: creating some amazingly awesome small group adventure tours that immerse travelers in the real New Zealand. Even then, it was believed that size matters, which means that small groups are more preferable in terms of travel experience, and we have maintained that since then.

Adventure Tours

In pursuit of his quest, he met a Taranaki boy, who was a scuba dive instructor that have been traveling around New Zealand all his life. With the combined love of people and nature, and the fact that his attitude is slightly off-the-wall, he was perfect for the job as Parawera Head Tour Guide to provide adventure tours.

This was how Parawera was established. Working together, both designed then developed a set of New Zealand Adventure Tourstours, and a one-of-a-kind way for customers to customize their tours, capable of blowing the mind of any adventure seeker. As the popularity of adventure tours grew we started winning highly desired awards. This is what made us become a trusted company with most of our clients joining us based on recommendations from family and friends.

As a proud New Zealand owned and operated company, the name Parawera was chosen carefully. We followed a lengthy intellectual property process and a submission to the Maori Advisory Committee to make sure that we had the right to the kiwi logo and the word Parawera. Both our logo and brand are protected under Intellectual Property.

Why the name Parawera Tours? The Parawera is a war dance to most people. However, the word Parawera simply refers to either a song accompanied by dance or simply a dance.